If you haven’t done so already, please take our Level Test and check your level in our curriculum. The level test will guide you to a good starting point. You can take the level test without signing in, but please sign up and sign in if you want to save your test results and see our recommendations for your level! 


If you have never learned Korean before and you want to learn how to read and write in Korean, please subscribe to our TTMIK Course Subscription. Our recommendations for learning the basics of Hangeul are: Learn to Read and Write in Korean and our book Hangeul Master – Learn How to Read and Write in Korean

Once you get a good grasp of Hangeul, the writing system of the Korean language, we suggest moving on to our Essential Curriculum and using them as your main learning materials. These courses are based on our Korean Grammar Textbooks and Workbooks Levels 1 to 10. 

Check out this question: Do I need to learn Hangeul first before I learn anything else?  


And then, depending on your goal, we suggest supplementing with one or more of the books we offer in our online bookstore.

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