Q1. The results say I’m in Level 8, and not Level 10, even though all of my answers were correct.

Although our Essential Curriculum consists of 10 levels in total, the level test was built based on the first 8 levels because Level 8 is the beginning of our advanced levels. If you got Level 8, it means you are in the advanced level, so you can go to any level you want to study with and just pick a grammar point you’d like to study or review. We will update the level test in the future to accommodate more advanced learners, so please check back in a few months! 

Q2. I chose the correct answer, but the results say it's incorrect.

Please take a look at the following screenshot, which is a sample image.

In principle, even if only the squared box (1) was clicked on, the correct answer should be well recognized. However, very rarely, sometimes it is not recognized as the correct answer when only the box is clicked on. To prevent this, please make sure to click on the circle button (2) inside the box.